The Cave of Altimara contains no bullet points

The paleolithic cave paintings, perhaps the earliest form of storytelling, came from stone age man’s intellectual capacity to communicate through art. They had to form a visual emotional connection to the cave dweller target demo without charts and graph. Not too dissimilar to what we do at M9, but, you know, with computers and frames per second.

A few millennia later, Thomas Edison had an idea to create the incandescent light bulb but he needed to hire a young physicist named Francis Upton to get it to work. Everybody remembers Edison. Nobody knows Upton. You’re Edison, we’re Upton. We craft the message, you get all the attention and awards. That’s how it works.

And so now you know a little something about Einstein, Edison and what that Steely Dan song was about… and hopefully — through these esoteric historical connections — a little more about who we are and what we can do for you at M9 while having avoided talking endlessly about ourselves. 

Look, if it’s post, we do it. And everything we do we do very, very well.  Contact us to see if we can be your creative partners on your next project (Silent partner. You still get all the credit.). 

Maybe we’ll have another story to tell.