Post. Everything.


Post. Everything.

Creating order out of chaos is the advertising equivalent of splitting the atom

At Montaj 9 we fuse state-of-the-art technology with a visual aesthetic to bring your story to life. While we agree with Einstein that imagination is more important than knowledge, we also believe that creative, innovative solutions come from a base of acquired technical skills.

In other words, we'll metaphorically split the atom for you and use the whole enchilada to tell your story in a thoughtful, relevant way that memorably connects your brand to your target across multiple platforms. Because at Montaj 9, we feel intelligent and creative solutions are based on both facts and feelings.

The Stories We Tell

The Stories We Tell


At Montaj 9, we've spent decades around the ever changing campfire of modern media and advertising, spinning yarns and talking story with cutting edge technology and ideas. We are storytellers and craftspeople first and foremost, and have garnered the recognition and accolades for our clients to color what we love to do and are fortunate enough to call our job.

M9 Atom Splitters

M9 Atom Splitters

Jay k. Evans

EXECUTIVE Grand CHiEF / Editor Emeritus tenured

Jay grew up in a small town in Italy, where he fell in love with movies at his village’s cinema and formed a deep friendship with the theatre’s projectionist. From there he cut his way north from San Diego to Hollywood then southwest to Honolulu where in 2007 he was named Hawaii’s Advertising Man of the Year. Twice a Monitor Award Finalist and recipient of multiple Peles, Tellys, and Andys, his storytelling has found its way into every genre including Commercials, Documentaries, TV Shows, Music Videos, Features and Shorts.

Deborah Miller

Editorial Cosmetology / Cut, Color & Style

Deborah Miller is an editor and motion graphics artist at Montaj 9. She was named 2013 Ad Woman of the Year by the American Advertising Federation, Hawaii Chapter and edited the Best-in-Show winners in 2015 and 2008 that went on to compete in the National Addy Awards. Twenty years of observing the subtleties and incredible power of visual communication has refined her skills of revealing the invisible truths that connect the dots. Her lifelong passion for documentary filmmaking, is based on her belief that storytelling is a fundamental human circumstance that transcends language and culture.


Mel Matsuoka

Finishing Editor / Colorist / Difference Splitter

Mel is the man behind the "wheels of steel" at Montaj 9. Or in more boring, far less douchey terms, he is our Senior Colorist and Finishing Editor. He makes poorly shot footage look halfway decent, and excellently shot footage look amazing. He also doesn't want you to know that he is the guy that makes the phrase "Let's fix it in post" a legitimately feasible production decision.



Don’t be fooled by Karen’s disarming charm. She’s a master of deciphering your scrambled thoughts into a logical progression of well-manipulated conclusions. With her clever innocence, she will convince you that it was your decision… no wait, intention, to hit that sweet spot in the Venn diagram of the lazy metaphor and the esoteric reference.

Karen mostly adds her expertise in illustration, animation, motion graphics and a multifaceted skill set to our services.